Acoustic IR

This Website is dedicated to acoustic guitars and their IRs.

In the following video, an illustration is given with one of our free database IR applied to an all laminate Yamaha FGX412 with its proprietary undersaddle transducer (UST) pickup. The Two-Notes Torpedo CAB M pedal is an IR convolver. It convolves the guitar signal with the IR file to produce a more realistic acoustic tone.

In the next video, a similar illustration is given for a Martin HD-28 equipped with a Trance Audio Amulet pickup which is a soundboard transducer (SBT).

New process is now available. Here is a demo from Doug Young. The signal chain is:
Kent Hamblin GC with a Barbera Soloist pickup
-> Sunnaudio Stereo Preamp
-> Torpedo CabM IR loader (in preamp inserts),
-> Ventris Dual Reverb (just a touch of reverb)

1st pass is the raw pickup (but with a touch of reverb), no IR
2nd is with Cuki's new IR applied
3rd is Cuki's IR, plus bringing in my internal mic (Audix L5O)


Strumming with a pick:

Files using the new process are denoted "Match"
New free open-source Cuki IR generator available. Here is a demo: