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IR database

The free IR database lets you search for the IR files that best match your guitar and pickup. Each IR file is an acoustic image of a real guitar.

Note that the number of guitars is inferior to 100 so the probability to have exactly the same guitar is low. Don’t check all the boxes, or nothing will come out. Start by checking the pickup only, then if you don’t recognize any guitar, check one more box.

Pickup is a very important factor: A Fishman Matrix will not sound the same as a Schatten HFN. Look 1st for the right/similar pickup and then with the right guitar. If you can’t find the right pickup, try a family like Under-Saddle Transducer (UST) or SoundBoard Transducer (SBT).

If you can’t find a good match, just select nothing and clic "search". All the guitars will then be listed.

Nota Bene: Specifications exclude themselves. You can’t find a guitar that is made by Gibson and Martin at the same time.

If you like those IRs, please donate to support the free IR database:

The IR database currently includes 153 guitars.
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