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How do I get my own guitar IR?

In order to get your own guitar IR, there are different possibilities.

1) You can buy a Audiosprockets Tonedexter pedal or a LR Baggs Voiceprint DI.
2) You can send your guitar to Fishman and order a custom Aura image that you can load into a Fishman Aura pedal.
3) You can download Cuki IR generator Light (free and open source) and make your own acoustic IRs:

4) If you really want to benefit from my most advanced algorithm, you can record your guitar with both an external microphone and its pickup and send us the recordings. We will send you the IR files and add them to the database. All you need is a guitar with a pickup, a 2-channel audio interface with a computer or a multi-track portable recorder (ex: Tascam DP or Zoom H4n).

Clic on the links below [WIN/OSX] to have step by step explanations.

Note that you will need a IR convolver (pedal, multi-FX or computer with audio interface) in order to use the IR file and play music!