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IR Convolvers

IR convolvers are FX pedals/rack/audio plugins that will perform the signal processing.

There are many kinds:

  • The fixed IR pedals are sold with a certain number of IRs made by the company in a studio. They usually includes IRs for dreadnoughts, OMs, parlor... Some pedals like Fishman let you download IRs from their own database. There are the easiest and most plug’n play solutions.
  • The IR loaders are pedals that can load an IR file: here an acoustic image from our database. It then transforms the signal from your pickup into a more "realistic acoustic" signal similar to the one from an external microphone.The IR loaders are of two kinds. They can be simple IR loaders or loadboxes. Both enables to process your signal. The former are meant to be plugged to a guitar while the latter are meant to be plugged to a tube amp head. They enable you to load your own IR. You can download those from our free database or from the internet. If you don’t find an IR that correspond to your guitar and pickup. You can to make your IR to get a faithfull recreation of your acoustic guitar mic’d. You can either use JonField’s open source algorythm and OCTAVE free compiler or just ask us to make your IR file from recordings of your guitar.
  • The self-training IR pedals. Tonedexter and Baggs Voiceprint DI are the only device that can actually capture IR by themselves. There are the easiest solution to have your plugged in tone closest to your acoustic tone.
  • The IR plugins. Those are VST or AU plugins that can be host by DAWs or plugin hosts in order to use a computer and an audio-interface to perform the signal processing.

In the subsections, you will find a list of all convolvers we know so far.

Here is a comparison made by our good frient Aaron Short